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MN. 1:89. , p. 245. savicāra vivekaja pi isukha 2. Mahā Niddesapāli, [Pāli Text in Burmese script], (Rangoon, Burma: Buddhasāsana Samiti, 1960), pp. ). , p. 256. , l46. , p. 113. ”1 If sense pleasures are understood objectively, then the phrase “unwholesome states” (akusalādhamma) is interpreted to mean all unwholesome states, inclusive of sensual desire. 2 On the other hand, if sense pleasures are understood subjectively, they will be equated specifically with one hindrance, the hindrance of sensual desire; the unwholesome states will then be equated with all five hindrances, including sensual desire insofar as it, too, is unwholesome.

Pp. 145-46. , pp. 83-84. 3. , p. 147. , p. 114. 4. ” Dhammasa ga i A hakathā [Pāli Text in Burmese script] (Rangoon, Burma: Buddhasāsana Samiti, 1960), p. ). 5. C. A. F. Rhys Davids, and F. L. Woodward, trans. The Book of the Kindred Sayings (Sa yutta-Nikāya) or Grouped Suttas. [Pt. 1: Kindred Sayings with verses (Sagatha-Vagga), translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids assisted by Sūriyagoda Suma gala Thera; pt. 2: The Nidāna Book (Nidāna-Vagga), translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids assisted by F. L. Woodward; pt.

P. 398: 3. MN. 1:101. 4. , pp. 8, 260. 5. Psy. Ethics. p. 260. “Tattha katama vicikicchānīvara a ? , pp. 233-34. 48 wisdom in leading to the end of suffering. Doubt regarding the past, future, and both applies to past lives, future lives, and both. 1 It is evident from these definitions and descriptions that the species of doubt classed as a hindrance is skeptical indecision with respect to the fundamental tenets of Buddhist doctrine and practice. The doubt to be abandoned is not the freedom of philosophical inquiry, which the Buddha openly encouraged in those who sought to gain personal conviction of truth, but stubborn disbelief and perplexity regarding the principles needed for higher development.

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