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Eventually, several proteins were identified to exhibit comparable expression profile to S100B such as β-2 Glycoprotein I precursor and Neurofilament triple H protein. Protein Arrays The application of protein arrays and high-throughput immunoblotting (HTPI) in neuroproteomics is still limited to few studies. Shu et al. (2011) studied a closed brain injury rate model to identify differential protein expression in serum and hippocampus post-injury. Shu et al. (2011) utilized two types of protein arrays; a weak cationic exchanger (WCX2) chips and immobilized metal affinity capture arrays-Cu (IMAC-Cu) chip.

R. Jara-Acevedo, S. Matarraz, M. Jara-Acevedo, S. Paradinas, J. Sayagües, A. Orfao and M. Fuentes. 2012. Nanotechniques in proteomics: Protein microarrays and novel detection platforms. Eur J Pharm Sci. 45: 499–506. M. 2011. Cheerio, Laddie! Bidding Farewell to the Glasgow Coma Scale. Ann Emerg Med. 58: 427. , K. Newsom, A. B. H. Kobeissy, S. K. Wang and J. Anagli. 2012. In vitro MS-based proteomic analysis and absolute quantification of neuronal-glial injury biomarkers in cell culture system.

2006) aimed to compare rat hippocampal lysate in rat post-TBI to the in vitro calpain-2 and caspase-3 degradation profile. Liu used HTPI with 1000 monoclonal antibodies and identified 48 proteins to be downregulated in TBI, 42 of which overlapped with the calpain/caspase degradation profile. These identified proteins may serve as proteolytic targets for proteases post-TBI. To compare the difference in protein expression profile between traumatic and ischemic brain injury, Yao et al. (2008) utilized HTPI to identify the differential expression of proteins across two models of acute brain injury, ballistic-like brain injury that mimics TBI and middle cerebral artery occlusion that mimics stroke.

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